A Lesson in Compassion
21st Feb 2024

A Lesson in Compassion

Our associates dined with a purpose at Vivanta, Ahmedabad.

An exclusive experience was arranged to dine with our specially abled guests to understand how they cherish and enjoy their meal with the sense of touch, taste, and smell. Our volunteers at Vivanta Ahmedabad helped children of the Blind People Association dine for the first time in a 5-star hotel.

They were introduced to the concept of eating with a spoon, fork, knife, and table etiquette. Our associates also joined them with blindfolds on. This meal was an opportunity to learn a lesson in empathy and communication. It was also a lesson in accepting things from their perspective.

The experience enabled our team to understand the importance of giving proper directions, the importance of communicating, and also serving with empathy. We will forever carry the lessons we learned while sharing moments around the table.

Watch us connect with the pure souls by clicking here.

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