EFCEE Hotels- Embarking Upon A Revolutionary Vision
18th May 2023

EFCEE Hotels- Embarking Upon A Revolutionary Vision

“Caring for others, welcoming the guests, and making memories”, the pillars that once led to the foundation of EFCEE Hotels in the hospitality sector have now transformed into a driving force that motivates every member at EFCEE to ‘Serve with Love’.

The ultimate joy of witnessing the happy faces of our guests, and becoming a part of comforting their journeys, has become the foundation of our operations. Having derived the virtues of Indian family values, we have always strived to ease our guests’ celebrations and make them feel at home.

Guided by the exemplary vision of our Chairman, Mr. Komalkant Sharma to make EFCEE Hotels a ‘Leading Hotel Asset Owning Company’, we shape our investment strategies, guide the partnerships, and drive our commitment. Under his wisdom, EFCEE Hotels lays its foundation through unique parameters as follows:

  • Strategic investments in properties that offer potential for our growth and values.
  • Partnerships that ensure operational expertise and exceptional guest experiences.
  • Asset Enhancements with timely renovations and technology upgrades.
  • Financial sustainability to maximize revenue and optimize operational costs.
  • Fostering relations with our partners, employees, and guests.
  • Responsible Ownership by respecting the communities within which we operate.

Clinging on these principles has never been a cakewalk, and EFCEE Hotels has had its share of facing challenges as we walk on this path of transforming our services. The pandemic serves as a prime example of how we were put to the test with uncertainty in travels creeping in from all slides. We believed transparency and effective communication to be the key factors while coping with this challenge and thus initiated our action to discover new ways of serving the local communities. Not only did we look out for innovations, but also catered and adjusted to the refined ways of service. Be it, resorting to staycations or introducing the Work-from-Hotels packages, our foundation of keeping our team members’ morale high worked wonders here. We were successful in retaining all our staff as a result of redefining the scope of our services. Hence, our Mantra to be empathetic and understanding proved to be successful here.

However, the dynamics of the Hospitality sector are still wavering, and with the constant advent of technology, it becomes inevitable for us to integrate the latest additions to our offerings. Embracing the Gen-Z’s preferences for a tech-savvy experience, paying considerable heed to guest feedback, maintaining an online presence, encouraging creative thinking within the team to be one with the market trends as well as implementing eco-friendly and social initiatives to adhere to a sustainable vision has all been incorporated at EFCEE Hotels in order to build a comprehensive system for ourselves.

We’ve come out of our traditional practices and welcomed the need for a digital presence with the utmost optimism. Continuous customer engagement online, promotional activities, influencer marketing, direct booking, etc. have all been an integral part of our actionable in order to maintain a considerable online reputation as well as stay connected with our communities.

We, as a group, have always worked to deliver exceptional hospitality, create memorable experiences, and elevate the standards of the industry with every action that we take toward the prosperity of EFCEE Hotels. Certainly, as we look toward the future of our hospitality business, our strategy is rooted in aligning with various reputable hotel management companies to augment our services, expand our reach, and tap into their specialized expertise. These partnerships will provide us with access to a wealth of industry experience, innovative operational models, and a network of professionals that will significantly contribute to our growth strategy. This collaborative approach will help us enhance our competitive edge in the hospitality industry, as we combine our unique brand identity with the operational excellence of our partners.

Mr. Komalkant Sharma Sir’s leadership has instilled in us a sense of confidence and purpose. His vision of delivering exceptional hospitality, creating memorable experiences, and elevating the standards of the industry guides us in every decision we make. We are buoyed by his belief in our potential, and his support has been invaluable as we embark on this exciting phase of growth and partnership.


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